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These units of study are designed to guide mentor study groups in their ongoing professional development. Each focuses on an important mentoring skill and includes a detailed facilitator's guide, relevant articles and resources. Like the teaching modules on for leadership teams, they can be applied in a range of settings. They do build on each other, however, and are meant to be used in order.

Because You're New, We're Here For You

Focusing on Teacher Talk

A Positive Perspective: Parents are Your Partners

Direct Your Attention: Celebration/Reflection

Teacher Beliefs and Attribution Theory

Checking for Understanding

Checking for Understanding (Continued)

Leveraging Your "What I Know Now"

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Teachers – both veteran and novice – really do want to improve their practice . . . and this program gives teachers an abundance of rich resources and avenues for learning improvement. As a result the culture of the school has been transformed into a place where it’s a given that teachers care about their teaching. Even our enrollment has increased because our reputation for good teaching has gone out into the community.
— Head of a Teacher Learning Project partner school