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About the Continuum of Practices for Building Comprehensive, School-Based Induction

A Continuum of Standards for Comprehensive School-Based Induction is a conceptual and a practical tool designed to prompt self-assessment and reflection; deepen understanding of the power of strong induction; and support long-term school planning. It encourages school leaders to examine what is and envision what might be. Using the Continuum will be a rich learning experience that helps schools recognize what they do well, uncover challenges that they face, set priorities, and develop action steps that will strengthen induction for new teachers.

The Mandel Center Induction Partnership created the Continuum to help the leaders of our partner schools understand what comprehensive induction entails, learn what exemplary practice might look like, and identify areas for organizational improvement—all for the purpose of enhancing teachers’ ability to help their students learn. The process of developing and refining the Continuum benefited greatly from input fo teachers and administrators in several Boston-area schools.

Comprehensive induction relies upon consistent practices that provide teachers with opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive. These practices include institutional structures and other organizational systems. We have organized them into six broad categories in the Continuum, with some natural overlap.

• Committed School Leadership
• Early, Information-Rich Hiring
• Summer Preparation and Formal Orientation
• Complete Curricula and Supporting Materials
• Opportunities to Learn With and From Colleagues
• Growth-Oriented Supervision and Evaluation

Each of these six categories is described in depth under its title within the Continuum and in an overview, The Structural Elements of Comprehensive Induction. In addition, the Continuum describes what each practice might look like at various stages of development. School leaders can use the continuum to assess their school’s progress toward exemplary practice. At one end of the Continuum, a school may be unaware of what is needed or developing beginning awareness with respect to a structure or practice; toward the other end of the Continuum, a school may be on the way to or, even better, demonstrating exemplary practice in that particular area.

Download the continuum here. Download guidelines for using the continuum as a school-level self assessment tool here.