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Getting the Most from the Toolkit

Appoint an Induction Leader. We highly recommend that any school community serious about using our resources to help build a comprehensive system of induction appoint an Induction Leader to facilitate the process. We have found that experienced teachers who have strong relationships with peers and administrators and are ready to take on a new career challenge make ideal induction leaders. We have seen administrators such as principals or academic deans take on the role successfully as well. Heads of school tend to be too busy and pulled in too many directions to give this work the energy and focus it requires. The Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education coordinates training and ongoing coaching for Induction Leaders. For sample Induction Leader Job Descriptions, click here.

Create an Induction Leadership Team. Even a talented and motivated induction leader cannot do the work of refining a school's approach to teacher learning – from hiring to supervision – alone. He or she needs the support of the head of school and other administrators as well as fellow teachers. Therefore we recommend forming an Induction Leadership Team, facilitated by the Induction Leader, to help move this work along. Members of the team should include the Induction Leader, the head of school, key administrators, and at least one mentor teacher. Many exercises in the Teacher Learning Project toolkit are designed for the Induction Leadership Team to complete together. We strongly recommend that the team meet at least once a month.

Invest in a Coach. The Teacher Learning Project developed and field-tested these tools through partnerships with nine Jewish day schools. Partnerships involve one-on-one support and regular site visits from a Mandel Center-trained coach. Coaches help school leaders understand and navigate the toolkit, problem-solve, provide practical advice, and co-facilitate meetings or professional development as needed. A partnership with a trained coach is suggested, but not required, when using these tools. For more information about finding a coach, click here.